Sunday, April 10, 2011

Haskap And Breast Cancer Research

Toppling Goliath Brews has enjoyed a great deal of success recently. Last week their Golden Nugget was voted by a jury to be the best Iowa IPA. Simultaneously their Naughty 90 Oaked IPA was voted as the people’s choice for IPA in the house. And yes, I have tasted them, and yes, they are that good!

A week ago I delivered some frozen Borealis to them in person. The berry itself put smiles on everyone’s face who tasted it, and generated discussion about its compatibility and potential as an ingredient. But the details of that are for these master-brewers to later decide.

For now the little berry may provide the answer that they have been looking for as a way to colour their beer in support of breast cancer research. A single haskap berry macerated in a pint of their pale/light draft not only produces a clean, brilliant rose coloured hue in the beer itself, but it also turns the foam pink without altering the taste.

Thanks TG Brews for supporting breast cancer research and helping us find yet another very worthy use for this berry!

(If you drink, then please drink responsibly.)