Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Mechanical Harvest - U of S

This week preparations for the first mechanical harvesting of haskap at the U of S were made. A Joanna harvester was brought in, netting was taken down, and support posts removed. Some rows of haskap itself were also removed so that the machine could operate. (*Note: haskap plantings at the U of S are compact…made so as to best accommodate research practices, space utilization, and the needs of horticultural specialists and research technicians.)

Several rows of haskap were successfully mechanically harvested. The result was very encouraging, reported Dr. Bors. Haskap berries held up better than expected. Branches did not break even though the machine went down centre of the bushes.

At first glimpse it appeared that taller genotypes may have fared better in several respects than did short ones. Yesterday fruit was being sorted and further evaluated.

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