Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Government Contact Widget: New Brunswick

New Brunswick is adding to the growing number of haskap growers across the nation...there are now growers in Rexton, the Acadieville region, and Fredericton. Good on ya, NB!

New Brunswick -

Crop and Regional Agri-Business Development Officer, Gerard Thebeau has attended Haskap Day in Saskatoon and grows several selections of blue honeysuckle (early prototypes from the U of S) as well as Borealis, Tundra, and Berry Blue. He hopes to attend future Haskap Days.

Gérard Thébeau P.Ag./ Agronome
Crop Development Officer / Agent de développement des cultures
Regional Agri-Business Development/ Développement régional de l'agro-industrie
26, rue Acadie/ 26 Acadie Street
Bouctouche, NB/ N.-B.
E4S 2T2
Tel: (506) 743-7330 Fax: (506) 743-7229

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