Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Haskap Day 2: Truly A Fruitful Adventure!

Marty and Claire Elder write about the tour of their farm and fruit processing facilities near Outlook, SK, which was the featured highlight of the second day of this year's Haskap Days:

Our Haskap Days farm tour was awesome; about 40 people came to our farm on July 9th to see our orchard and processing facility as day 2 of Haskap Days 2011. There were people from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and theUSA. We enjoyed having everyone and hope you all went away with a little more knowledge about haskap and the fruit processing industry! Despite the windy day that it was, we hope everyone was able to enjoy their day with us. If anyone has pictures they would like to share with us, we would appreciate that as we did not take many pictures that day. One "little person" who was here with their mom and dad left behind a brown hoodie. If the owners would contact us, we would be happy to get it back to you.

Thanks to everyone for coming to visit, and have a great summer!

Marty & Claire Elder
Fruitful Adventure
Outlook, Sask.

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