Monday, November 18, 2013

Orchard-Based Research?

Are you raising haskap and curious about a certain aspect that has not yet been developed?  This is a reminder that it may be worth your time to investigate whether your provincial government might partner with you through one of their existing agricultural support programs to find out the answer to your question.  Saskatchewan, for example, already has several programs in place which include:

Farm and Ranch Water  Infrastructure Program (FRWIP)
Supports the development of agricultural water infrastructure.
toll free line at 1-877-874-5365

Farm Stewardship Program
Assistance to implement beneficial management practices (BMP) that help maintain or improve the quality of soil, water, air or biodiversity resources.
toll free line at 1-877-874-5365

Saskatchewan Lean Improvements in Manufacturing (SLIM)
Support to agri-businesses that process bio-product, food and feed for projects that stimulate improvements in productivity and efficiency through the adoption of best practices, new technologies and state-of-the-art processes.
call Gary Coghill 1-306-787-8537.

On-Farm Food Safety Implementation Program
Producers receive training and funding directly from the associated commodity organization. They do not have to be members of these organizations to access
programming.  As programming differs by organization, producers should contact the respective commodity organization for details (see website for associated commodity group contact information)

What does your province provide?

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