Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Haskap Canada AGM (Part 2): James Dawson & The Nutrition Of Haskap

James Dawson is a PhD graduate student at the University of Saskatchewan, in the Department of Plant Sciences.  He has presented at both the University of Saskatchewan's Haskap Day as well as at Haskap Canada AGMs.

At this year's Haskap Canada AGM he spoke on the manner in which antioxidants/polyphenyls are actually metabolized in the human body, which as it is coming to be better understood as an emerging science, will put a whole new slant on how you should approach antioxidants in general, and haskap in particular.  His presentation demonstrates precisely why the resources of university research are critical to better understanding the ongoing revelations that the sciences continue to offer.  

We include his presentation this year entitled, Phenylpropanoids In Lonicera caerulea for your viewing pleasure and ask that if you share them that attribution is included.  Thank you...

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