Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bob Bors: Announcing Haskap Grower's Guide And Visits To Grower's Orchards, 2015 - 2016

Dr. Bob Bors, 2014 Haskap Day Field Tour, U of SK
A sabbatical has been officially approved for Dr. Bob Bors.  From July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2016 Bob will be working on finishing up a grower’s manual for Haskap!  He is also planning on visiting Haskap growers, as his schedule allows.  In conjunction with these visits he would like to offer seminars as well as to provide advice in the field.  If a grower’s group, for example, were able to host a seminar, he would then be able to visit numerous sites in that region.  If, however, there is no grower’s group in your area this should not deter you from sending him an invitation if you are willing to invite others to your orchard who will benefit from his visit.

If you are interested in hosting an event or in inviting him to spend some time in your orchard you are invited to email him at so that he can start a database for possible visits.  In the subject line please add the words: Sabbatical Visit.  Please describe to him your interest and/or experience with Haskap.  He will need to know your location (your nearest town is good enough).  If he is able to be in your region he will be contacting you.

Remember, we at Haskap Canada ideally consider that Haskap is a resource that is able to improve an entire community as a whole.  Growers who also provide information and assistance to others in their region help an entire community to achieve a healthier, more bountiful life.  Your invitation to him should ideally reflect your experience at having done so, or your plans to do so.

During his sabbatical he will also be attending gene banks and nursery industry opportunities.  The invitation on this post is specifically aimed at growers who care about their respective communities.

What a great opportunity!  I guess that doctors still do make house calls!!!

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