Monday, July 25, 2016


In Saskatchewan flea beetles mainly afflict Canola, and we’ve had a few minor infestations on dwarf sour cherry.
Information regarding flea beetles can be found here at the Canola Council website.
I have not seen economically significant damage from flea beetles on Haskap.
In general flea beetles feed on new growth; this can be especially damaging to canola when they feed on the cotyledons before the plant has had a chance to grow a number of new leaves. 
In regard to haskap; they might feed a bit on new leaves, but there are usually too few (flea beetles) feeding extensively to be a concern.
If a grower has evidence to the contrary; please get them to send me samples of the beetles, and pictures of the plant damage.
Perhaps the grower is in a blueberry growing region where Blueberry flea beetles are predominant? See attached info and link for control recommendations on blueberry.

In regard to pesticide control options, the attached insecticides are registered for Haskap (edible honeysuckle/Lonicera) and may provide some control.

Information provided by our Provincial Specialist, Fruit Crops - Forrest Scharf

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