Thursday, January 26, 2017



Haskap Canada Association Membership Drive 2017.

The fee is $50 and can be paid with the following options:

1. Online via our website -
2. If you have a personal PayPal account you could send us a $50 gift - this saves us $1.75 fee that PayPal charges for the online payment option above.
3. A cheque mailed to the address below. Make your cheque out to Haskap Canada Association.
4. E-transfer to (Q/A: What is our favorite berry? haskap).
​Remember we do accept donations to further the work of this non-profit organization. ​A receipt will be mailed to you. Thank You to all who have donated in 2016!

Updated Website -
We have revamped it to better serve your needs. We are opening opportunities for businesses to advertise your . Complete the attached form and submit your requests to advertise to

HCA Annual General Meeting
Date: Satuday, February 11, 2017
Time: 9 AM - 4 PM
Place: Room 1E80, College of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan
* Registration
* Speaker Panel
* Annual General Meeting
* Strategic and Action Plan Update
Check out the HCA Blog, available on the website, for video presentations from last year's AGM. Let us know if you would like a particular topic to be covered at this year's Speaker Panel!

SAVE THE DATE! Haskap Days 2017.
Wednesday, July 19 - Growing Haskap Introductory Course
Thursday, July 20 - U of S Haskap Days at the University of Saskatchewan
Friday, July 21 - Haskap Research Scientific Conference
Saturday, July 22 - Haskap Days Farm Tour
********* Stay tuned for more information! ***********

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