Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haskap In The News (No. 1)

Expansion and haskaps on the agenda for FDC in 2010, Portage Daily Graphic:

Industry / Grower Benefits, Government of Alberta:$department/newslett.nsf/all/snack15896

Blue Honeysuckle Berries Gaining In Popularity Among Western Growers, Fruit and Vegetable Magazine:

On the Edge of a Fruit Breakthrough, Growing Magazine:

Learning From the Best, National Research Council:

The sanofi-aventis BioTalent Challenge, National Research Council:

News Releases - Saskatoon high school student wins top honours in national biotech competition, National Research Council:

Le Défi BioTalent sanofi aventis, Conseil national de recherches Canada:

Apprendre des meilleurs, Conseil national de recherches Canada:

Communiqués de presse - Un élève du secondaire de Saskatoon lauréat d'un concours national de biotechnologie, Conseil national de recherches Canada:

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