Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Highlights From Haskap Canada’s AGM

A presentation from Dr. Bob Bors on updates of the U of S Haskap Breeding program:
- information on new selections for a Haskap pollinator
- ongoing Canadian Haskap collection program
- development of relations with industry
- haskap making it onto the Olympic menu.

Haskap Canada received a preliminary presentation on an agri-marketing report. The final report will be made available to all members and to the public once completed in April. Also presented was a hypothetical business model that any grower/ processor could use as background for their own business and which will be posted on the website once the project is complete.

A summary of the activities that the Haskap Canada board undertook for the 2009 year.

Foods made with haskap that were available for lunch: turkey and pork roasts stuffed with a haskap/pecan stuffing, haskap salad, haskap rice pilaf, haskap cheese cake, and haskap ice cream.

Fourteen products were tested in a competition – with awards of the coveted wooden, plastic, and silver spoons going to the winners!

The AGM followed in the afternoon.


  1. we understand the 915 variety are being named at pressent and will that make them an official haskap?
    which variety is the most flavourful?
    which grower has the strongest plants? at a reasonable price?

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