Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Second Helpings: Cooking With Haskap, by Lil Sawatzky and Loretta Bors

In the same fashion that the haskap berry is new to our tables, so likewise is a haskap cookbook new to our kitchens...making it most likely the first of its kind in the world!  And being so made it a challenge in its own right to produce.  Since it is still a relatively unknown fruit, a cookbook that highlights the joys of using it is by definition difficult to write.  Not only are recipes difficult to find, but the inherent puzzle of actually finding out how other ingredients interact with haskap, or even of proving the submitted recipes, are themselves at the root of this challenge.  Add to this their desire to accommodate gluten-free and low-/no-sugar diets and Loretta Bors and Lil Sawatzky have done a wonderful job.  Illustrated and with fun-facts added, their haskaptions bring recipes to life on the page, even as the results of these recipes will being flavour and zest to your fare!

Its contents include: Appetizers/Sauces/Jams, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, and Methods/Preserving/Helpful Hints.  There is a forward by James Dawson. 49 pp.; spiral bound.

The cost is $15 + shipping, and you can order a copy by contacting Loretta Bors at: lorettabors@hotmail.com

Bon appetite!

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