Thursday, June 4, 2015

Haskap Day 2015 Agenda, June 26 - Part 2

Time: Friday June 26,  8:30 to 4:00
Location:  U of Sask Horticulture Research Farm, U of SK, Saskatoon, SK

In recent years our Haskap Day has been held in mid-July which allowed visitors to see late ripening Haskap in their prime.  But this year we will be able to see early ripening haskap since the event is in late June.  This marks the 10th anniversary of haskap funding from Saskatchewan Agriculture, which has allowed much larger plantings of haskap.  If you haven’t visited us in the last few years you will be amazed at how many plants we have and the diversity of the collections.

Highlights of what will be on the tour:
  • ·       15 acres of haskap seedlings from our breeding program
  • ·       Tasting berries and tagging favourite plants in the field
  • ·       20 named Russian varieties in good production
  • ·       U of Sk named varieties
  • ·       Wild Haskap gathered across Canada and their hybrids
  • ·       Plants from Japan, Russian and the Kurile Islands
  • ·       Strange relatives of haskap: some grow fast and tall but taste disgusting, other creep along the ground
  • ·       Demonstration of Johanna harvester
  • ·       Demonstration of hand harvesting (swimming pool and tickling methods)
  • ·       Demonstration of pruning and pruning equipment 

In the field, attendees are allowed to sample fruit from different bushes.  Each attendee will be given flagging tape to mark superior seedlings.  Later in the season, the breeder will visit every marked plant and evaluate the bushes.

Please, do not chow down and eat many fruits from a favourite bush.  If many fruits from a good bush are eaten we will have no idea that bush was productive and it might never get considered as a new variety.

For Sale:  

Several of our propagators will be having booths, usually taking orders but sometimes bringing plants for sale.  A limited supply of Haskap T-shirts will be available. 


North side of 14th Street, between Preston and Arlington avenues.  A big green “HORTICULTURE” sign is next to the gate.  Park on the south side of 14th st.  There will not be any room in our parking lot.  A map is on our events webpage:
Cost:  $25 per person, Kids and U of SK students free.  $5 more if you want us to order pizza for you, otherwise bring your own lunch.  Cash or Cheques only, we cannot process credit or debit cards

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